Is This Fast-Acting “Cannabis Shot” the Future of Edibles?

“To me, we have the fastest way to get stoned on the market,” says Tony Alfiere, the inventor behind Quigley’s new short-release THC concoction.

No matter how seasoned a cannabis veteran you might consider yourself to be, many of us have had at least one hellish experience with edibles. How could you forget that one time you gorged on your buddy’s space cookies and momentarily forgot how to read? That said, there are innumerable pros to consuming THC-infused food and beverages, from the health benefits (smoke-free lungs, snacks with healthy ingredients) to the creativity — just peep our edibles recipe column. But if you aren’t careful or dance with a mystery product, the high THC levels and intense psychoactive effects can turn a seemingly-harmless brownie into a purgatorial nightmare.

A main problem people face when it comes to edibles is that they don’t know how to dose, and often consume too much before the effects kick in. But time-released highs may soon be a thing of the past thanks to Quigley’s, a cannabis company with an innovative new product. Developed by founder Tony Alfiere, a veteran in the industry, Quigley’s Cannabis Shot is a petite bottle filled with two-ounces of liquid that uses patent-pending technology to deliver a fast-acting, long-lasting, and more controlled high. Not unlike a 5-Hour Energy in appearance, it also boasts a light berry flavor and comes in zero-calorie or lightly sweetened form. Outside of their own product line, the fast-acting concoction is also being used as a base ingredient in other edibles on the market. You can even use it in place of that suspicious shake while making your own cosmic treats. “It can be frozen or mixed with anything you see fit,” says Alfiere.

The primary difference between this product and other cannabis-infused items is that Quigley’s Cannabis Shot includes the compound Delta-9-THC rather than Delta 11-Hydroxy-THC, which is found in most traditional edibles and gives consumers that sleepy and sometimes overwhelming high. Instead of digesting an edible through the stomach and having it processed through the liver, this THC compound can be absorbed directly into the soft tissue of the upper digestive tract so users can feel the effects of THC in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. According to Alfiere, the Cannabis Shot complies with all food and safety standards Colorado requires for cannabis products, and it’s been reviewed by independent scientists. “It’s a formulation based on known technologies,” he says, suggesting it’s safe to use.

Already on the market in Colorado, the company is preparing to roll their product out in California and Arizona in the coming months. Quigley’s is aiming at both the recreational and medical market, and they already offer Cannabis Shots with varying amounts of THC — from 10 milligrams to 100 milligrams — depending on the wants and needs of consumers and retailers.

Alfiere’s technology might be new to the market, but he’s been heavily involved with the cannabis industry for over 20 years, working in a variety of manufacturing and entrepreneurial positions, as well as regular consulting work. MERRY JANE recently caught up with the mastermind behind the nuanced product to learn more about the science behind the Cannabis Shot. Over the phone, Alfiere also explained how the effects differ from traditional edibles and smoking, as well as why he believes that his product will revolutionize the industry.


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